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Capitalize on the growing number of markets and asset classes through our global partner network.

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We offer a comprehensive educational curriculum across multiple asset classes.  Never before have global markets been so interdependent.  Working with our professionals, you will learn how to identify and capitalize on trends across global markets.

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Trevor Bain Ltd.  is an established leader in capital markets and trader education.  At Trevor Bain Ltd, we are on the forefront of providing traders with the edge they need to be profitable in today’s markets.

Learn how our program will teach you the skills needed to be profitable in ever-changing markets.  Leverage our global trader education network and gain access to companies with the best rates in the industry.  Get your career started today.

The Elite Independent Trader program was the perfect fit for me. 

The course content was extremely relevant and it helped me turn the corner to profitability.

Kyle Reese from Miami(trader)
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